Practice Areas

Real Estate

For businesses and individuals in the greater New York City region, having a real estate lawyer on your side when buying, selling, financing or leasing real estate is crucial. With the high cost of real estate in this urban center, it's vital that you know you are making wise, informed decisions when entering into million-dollar agreements and transaction.

Wills and Probate

Wills and probate may not be the most cheerful of subjects, but they are nevertheless a part of life. If you do not yet have a will set up, need to establish a new will if time has passed since the last one, or require assistance with probate, Attorney Donald J. LaGrega can help.


When you form a business, it’s important that you incorporate in the correct way. While you may be excited in those early stages just to get to the good part – serving your clients and customers, making an impact on the world – formation is a critical first step in the beginning of any company. By taking the correct steps, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and heartache down the road.