Massapequa, New York Attorney
Donald J. LaGrega


The Law Office of Donald J. LaGrega focuses on real estate law, probate law and the drafting of wills. With over 35 years of practicing law in New York, clients can expect solid legal advice and effective legal solutions for their legal concerns. Attorney Donald J. LaGrega gives each case his undivided attention and develops a legal strategy to solve his client’s legal issues. He has a long track record of success in meeting his clients’ individual needs. Integrity, efficacy and personalization are the hallmarks of the Law Office of Donald J. LaGrega.

Client Care: Protecting Your Rights

Attorney Donald J. LaGrega offers unparalleled client care. He uses his experience, legal skills and people skills to individually handle each client’s concern. As a strong legal advocate, he is there to protect your rights.

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, attorney Donald J. LaGrega is committed to protecting your investment. He drafts, reviews and revises real estate contracts to protect your best interests. For example, if you’re buying a new home but need to sell your existing home, he will include a contingency clause in the contract that stipulates the contract is only valid if you sell your current home. This way, you don’t lose your deposit on your future home in the event your current one doesn’t sell. He can also alert you to any zoning, environmental and title issues.

The Drafting of Wills: Attorney Donald J. LaGrega

Attorney Donald J. LaGrega has in-depth knowledge of all the types of wills. Whether it’s a living will, joint will, or power of Attorney, he takes the time to explain what type of will is best for your individual circumstances. He prepares wills for both young and older adults. It’s never too soon to get your affairs in order.

If you’re facing a real estate transaction, or need a will drafted, turn to attorney Donald J. LaGrega. Let his experience work for you.